Rockwills Corp. Sdn Bhd

(Company No. 274516-K)


Rockwills Head Office

No.62, Wisma Rockwills,
Jalan 2/131A, Off Jalan Klang Lama,

58200 Kuala Lumpur.


Chong Mok Yong RFC (USA)

Senior Professional Will-Writer/

Senior Professional Estate Planner

Liew Siew Mei

Senior Franchisee
(Franchisee Code 60202034)




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      Professional Will Custody Services

      Will Translation Services to English or Chinese

      Muslim and Non Muslim Trust Services

      Muslim Will (Wasiat) by as-Salihin Trustee Bhd

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      Trust Establishment - for Corporate and Individual (Living Trust)



     1. Free Home Service to Offices and Homes.

     2. Free Personal, Corporate & Group Presentations.

     3. Free Consultation on Will and Trust, 7 days a week.

     4. Free Review of Will.

     5. Business & Career Opportunity for individual, to network or join us

         as a Professional Will-Writer or Professional Estate Planner.

     6. Our PWW Service Centre (PSC) provides the supporting services of

         drafting of Wills to all Professional Estate Planners under Rockwills.




We provide professional Will-Writing services to clients with small estate as well as those with complex and huge estate. A small estate or simple estate might just need a straight forward, simple and basic Will while a significant or complex estate might requires a more comprehensive Will.

All Wills are ‘tailored made’ to suit the conditions of our clients they are in. We ensure the Wills are valid; function; able to provide liquidity should needs arises; protect the assets, minor or beneficiaries in need and able to achieve the wishes of the testators. Sometime, writing a Will to just to distribute our client’s assets is not sufficient, we recommend and introduce appropriate and effective estate planning tools and provide customized estate plans (if necessary), that will grant our clients with complete peace of mind. These are our expertise.









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